[plt-scheme] problem with html tables in help desk

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at web.de)
Date: Wed Oct 25 17:47:19 EDT 2006

I'm using DrScheme 350.4-svn7jul2006 under Windows XP and prepare a package
to submit to planet. I generated html documents out of LaTeX via tex2page,
which worked fine. The pages display perfectly in Mozilla Firefox, but I
found that in Help Desk tables are displayed wrong. The space between
columns of is not displayed and there is no alignment of columns at all. The
tables were created in LaTeX with the tabular environment, since tex2page
don't understand the \longtable command. Did I something wrong in making the
html files? Is this a known behavior of Help Desk? 

Besides, is there a quick and easy way to create keyword files out of a html
file for the documentation? I did it by hand now, luckily I haven't a lot of

Any comments and help appreciated

Robert Matovinovic
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email: robert.matovinovic at web.de

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