[plt-scheme] symbols redefined in SRFIs

From: Dan Muresan (danmbox at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 18:15:46 EDT 2006

> Wouldn't this break all the code that currently relies on the built-in
> `reverse'?

SRFI-1 doesn't seem to say anything special about 'reverse', and it's
not one of the SRFI-1 conflicts.

reverse!, on the other hand, is not in R5RS, but only in SRFI-1, so
the conflict is even more strange. It happens because 'mzscheme'
provides its own reverse!, which is different from SRFI-1 reverse!.

Perhaps you misunderstood me -- I'm not saying that the default
mzscheme language should not export the conflicting symbols; I'm
suggesting that it should export the SRFI-1 versions directly,
avoiding a spurious conflict whenever SRFI-1 is (require)'ed.

-- Dan

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