[plt-scheme] Problem fetching a URL

From: Christopher Armstrong (radix at twistedmatrix.com)
Date: Wed Oct 11 16:10:59 EDT 2006

On 10/11/06, Robby Findler <robby at cs.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> Do you (or does anyone else) have a reference to an rfc or similar that
> actually says what the syntax for queries is supposed to be?
> rfc3986.txt (the latest url syntax rfc I know of) doesn't seem to say.

Indeed I cannot refer to any RFC describing the relationship between
"&" and ";" in a strict manner, and that is the authority by which I
argue: why make changes to an URL that seem "correct" when nothing
actually says you're allowed to do that?

> (And there's nothing "willy nilly" about it, thank you very much!)

     {Will he, nill he}, whether he wills it or not; usually
        contracted to {willy-nilly}.

I don't think that the Yahoo server wills it, and nor did the OP :-)

Christopher Armstrong
International Man of Twistery

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