[plt-scheme] Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows

From: Robert Thorpe (rthorpe at realworldtech.com)
Date: Fri Jun 23 08:04:09 EDT 2006

I haven't noticed this problem.

DrScheme on the 2 windows machines I use  takes ages to start up.  It also takes ~1 second to evalute the first expression typed in the prompt.
After that though it's reasonably OK, even if left for a long period.

But, I've noticed DrScheme hammers memory quite hard, when minimized in Windows it uses ~5MB.  If you then maximize it and hit "run"  this goes up to ~56MB.
Could it be the problem people are experiencing is something to do with using a virus checker than checks pages as they are loaded into physical memory?
AFAIK no virus checker works this way though.

Why does it use so much memory anyway?


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> To add more anecdotal evidence:
> I'm running Linux (Ubuntu Dapper (6.06)) on a non-SMP 1Ghz 686 with
> 512Mb memory. I'm fairly sure I experienced the reported lags with the
> 300-301 non-3m versions (back then I didn't use 3m). However ever since
> using DrScheme3m 349-350 I cannot manage to reproduce these horrid lags.
> I don't do anything too heavy, but I leave the environment idle for days
> at a time, and I search a lot in help-desk.
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