[plt-scheme] Exe compilation

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 22 19:12:07 EDT 2006

On Jun 22, pascal.delcombel wrote:
> Hi, again me with Exe compilation in a package.
> I developped something like this :
> (module AmjPAD
>         mzscheme
>   ;regular tools
>      (load "../AmjP Tools/AmjP-Goodies.scm")
>      (load "../AmjP Tools/AmjP-Hyper-Link-Window.scm")
>   ; splash (about) screen
>      (load "AmjPAD-splash-screen.scm")
>   ;initializations
>   ;error treatments
>      (define (AmjPAD-error-display-handler msg exn)(display msg))
>      (error-display-handler AmjPAD-error-display-handler)
>   ;editor screen
>      (load "AmjPAD-editor-screen.scm"))
> [...]

You should not use `load' inside modules.  It does not do what you
think it would do.  Use `require' instead.  (You will need to read
about using modules.)

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