[plt-scheme] Exe compilation

From: pascal.delcombel (pascal.delcombel at wanadoo.fr)
Date: Thu Jun 22 14:56:07 EDT 2006

Hi, again me with Exe compilation in a package.

I developped something like this :

(module AmjPAD         
  ;regular tools
     (load "../AmjP Tools/AmjP-Goodies.scm")
     (load "../AmjP Tools/AmjP-Hyper-Link-Window.scm")
  ; splash (about) screen
     (load "AmjPAD-splash-screen.scm")
  ;error treatments
     (define (AmjPAD-error-display-handler msg exn)(display msg))
     (error-display-handler AmjPAD-error-display-handler)

  ;editor screen
     (load "AmjPAD-editor-screen.scm"))

All Zip file process is OK, using (module...) language and so on. Then when I installed the zup (uncompress it) and launched the exe, I got a message saying "impossible to find  AmjPAD\../AmjP Tools/AmjP-Goodies.scm "
Then, I decided to look within the folders hieararchy, after the ZIP uncompression: effectively, no trace of the this file.

It seems my loads does not include the *.scm files within the exe, neither in the folders tree.

Any tricks?

Pascal Delcombel
pascal.delcombel at wanadoo.fr

NB I got a question from Canada : yes, my previous example run correctly, but just one point: your file name (containing the module) should be the same root as the module, ie :

(module mymodule               ; unused module 
  (display "Hello, everyone") 

is filed in "mymodule.scm". 

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