[plt-scheme] Appalling performance of DrScheme on Windows

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Mon Jun 19 22:46:53 EDT 2006

Both my laptop (running Windows XP) and my desktop (running Ubuntu 6.06)
have 1GB of memory.


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How much memory does your main development machine have?


At Mon, 19 Jun 2006 17:12:47 -0700, "Williams, M. Douglas" wrote:
> My experience has been like Matthias's.  I do most of my development on my
> laptop running Windows XP (and on Win2K on my laptop before this one).  I
> have been developing the science and simulation collections, both of which
> are multi-thousand line collections, and running simulations, which tend
> rather computation or continuation intensive (or both), without the
> you are having.  This is true from v209 up to v350.
> I also regularly test my software on my wife's 256MB laptop to make sure
> runs on 'smaller' configurations.  The only problems I have had was with
> downloading and installing collections with very large files (pdf files of
> the science or simulation collection reference manuals), which did show
> of the symptoms you mention.  But that was just when attempting the
> - which would ultimately fail.
> I know this sound like a testimonial rather than a serious answer to your
> concern, but I have been quite happy with the performance of the system -
> particularly with the recently added JIT and continuation changes.
> But, maybe the guys with more actual knowledge of the innards of the
> can offer some suggestions.
> Doug
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> This sounds indeed like an appalling response time and it makes me 
> wonder why some 10,000 people are using DrScheme on Windows. Now I am 
> using DrScheme on Windows XP only via Virtual PC on a Mac OS X laptop 
> and it runs very nicely there. On my Mac, I am running "large" programs 
> (up to 5,000 lines, threaded) in DrScheme, leave the environment open 
> for days and weeks at a time, and haver very few problems of this kind.
> But before we bash Microsoft one more time on this list, let's 
> investigate your report in some detail. We don't want to blame them for 
> nothing, right?
> 1. What kind of machine do you own? CPU speed and memory are two things 
> we'd really like to know.
> 2. Which PLT Scheme implementation are you running? 350? 103p1? 
> Anything in between?
> 2a. Have you modified your PLT Scheme installation in any form or 
> manner?
> 3. What kind of programs do you run? Are they text-book exercises? 
> Dynamic flow equations?
> Once we have that information we will figure out how to get you to use 
> this thing in an acceptable manner.
> Thanks for the report -- Matthias
> On Jun 19, 2006, at 6:31 PM, wooks wooks wrote:
> >
> > I am running DrScheme on Windows XP and I regularly experience abysmal 
> > response time running DrScheme.
> >
> > Usually its starts off ok but the longer its left running the worse 
> > the response time gets (especially if you leave a session idle for a 
> > long time). It is not uncommon for me to manage only 4 interactions in 
> > an hour because DrScheme just hangs for ages before it will accept 
> > input.
> >
> > Previously I had the same problem running under Win2k. I thought it 
> > would go away when I bought a new machine last year runnnig windows XP 
> > but its just as bad.
> >
> > It is pretty much impossible to use the environment with this sort of 
> > response time.
> >
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