[plt-scheme] PLaneT package organization: looking for advice

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Sun Jun 11 15:13:15 EDT 2006

I struggled with this same question for the science collection.  I opted for
individual modules that are grouped into sub-collections and finally into
one super collection to be distributed with PLaneT.  They are distributed as
a single .plt file, which makes it somewhat easier for me to distribute them
(particularly to have a single reference manual).  The user typically
'requires' just the modules they need in their code.

Others have made the other choice to create individual PLaneT collections
for each module.


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If I have a bunch of small, unrelated utilities to provide as PLaneT
packages, is there a standard practice as to whether I should create
several small packages with a single file each, or one package with a
generic name containing several different files (and a blurb
explaining what all the contents are)?

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