[plt-scheme] File-Open dialog annoyances

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jun 11 05:47:48 EDT 2006

On Jun 11, Ittai Balaban wrote:
> Hi.
> Here are the ways in which the new file open dialog (which I very
> much like) annoys me:
> 1. When selecting files from the list box, page-up/down unexpectedly
>    moves focus to the filename edit box, rather than scrolling up/down
>    by large intervals.

My intention was that it is always possible to type, so the focus is
usually kept on the text entry field.  I changed this so if the focus
is in the list, it will stay there.

> 2. Filter edit box: Once I type in a filter, it gets activated only
>    when I hit 'enter'. I think it should activate also when I 'tab'
>    away from the edit box.


> 3. Not sure about this one: Should there be a way to force
>    autocompletion to happen immediately (e.g., by hitting 'tab'), so
>    I don't have to wait the 1/2 sec for it to show up?

`tab' is not a good choice for the obvious reason.  I made it do an
immediate completion when the cursor is at the end of the text and you
hit `right'.  Seems to me that  it's natural enough to remember.

> 4. Probably not specific to this dialog:
>    In Linux, at least under Metacity, DrScheme's modal behavior is
>    strange: When the modal dialog is open, I can click on the
>    DrScheme window and it is brought to front (some other apps do
>    manage to have the modal box come up when the main window is
>    clicked, maybe through some WM hints). At this point if it
>    obscures the modal dialog, I'm usually screwed: The dialog
>    doesn't appear in my window manager's (Gnome's) window list. Thus
>    I have to minimize/move all my windows until I manage to find
>    it. This gets worse if I've forgotten that such a dialog is open,
>    because then DrScheme seems effectively hung.

I think that this happens when dialogs (like `open') are used without
a parent frame.  I agree that it should be considered a bug...

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