[plt-scheme] File-Open dialog annoyances

From: Ittai Balaban (balaban at cs.nyu.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 11 03:54:34 EDT 2006

Here are the ways in which the new file open dialog (which I very much
like) annoys me:

1. When selecting files from the list box, page-up/down unexpectedly
   moves focus to the filename edit box, rather than scrolling up/down
   by large intervals.
2. Filter edit box: Once I type in a filter, it gets activated only 
   when I hit 'enter'. I think it should activate also when I 'tab' away
   from the edit box.
3. Not sure about this one: Should there be a way to force 
   autocompletion to happen immediately (e.g., by hitting 'tab'), so I
   don't have to wait the 1/2 sec for it to show up?
4. Probably not specific to this dialog:
   In Linux, at least under Metacity, DrScheme's modal behavior is 
   strange: When the modal dialog is open, I can click on the DrScheme
   window and it is brought to front (some other apps do manage to 
   have the modal box come up when the main window is clicked, maybe
   through some WM hints). At this point if it obscures the modal
   dialog, I'm usually screwed: The dialog doesn't appear in my window
   manager's (Gnome's) window list. Thus I have to minimize/move all my
   windows until I manage to find it. This gets worse if I've forgotten
   that such a dialog is open, because then DrScheme seems effectively

Apologies if that last point is already a known issue.


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