[plt-scheme] feature request for PLaneT

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Mon Jul 10 18:25:04 EDT 2006

Jacob Matthews schreef:
> I'm not sure I understand the feature you're proposing. One thing I 
> definitely _don't_ want is for PLaneT to ever change which package 
> resolves a particular PLaneT require (in a particular file) without 
> you explicitly telling it to do so --- if PLaneT upgrades your 
> packages completely automatically and something goes wrong, it would 
> be very difficult to figure out why your program worked yesterday but 
> doesn't work today. (If you _want_ to change package's links, then you 
> can use the PLaneT command-line tool or the utility functions provided 
> by the planet collection to do that.)
How? And how would I make it link to the latest available package?
> Are you suggesting that a background thread check for minor revisions 
> to installed packages, and when they become available offer to install 
> them and relink packages that point to them (like, e.g., Windows Update)?
/Yes, I want to be able to require planet packages, in a way (so I'm 
explicitly telling that it is what I want),
to upgrade minor revisions automatically.
/Or another way of invoking an update cycle./
> That's the rule, but there's no way for us to be sure that package 
> authors follow it (they might even break it accidentally, e.g. by 
> introducing new bugs). The fact that supposedly backwards-compatible 
> upgrades might break things is a very important consideration, so we 
> want to be very careful about features that upgrade things.
/True. It's a risk and needs quality assurance measures from the 
developer point of view./

Thanks in advance for any comments


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