[plt-scheme] Symantec finds a trojan in PLT...

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jul 3 11:43:05 EDT 2006

On Jul  3, Williams, M. Douglas wrote:
> I have the same problem on Windows XP and Symantic deleted both the
> installer and the uninstaller.  It didn't find it until this
> morning, so I wonder if it something with the latest virus
> definition files (7/2/2006 rev.  16, in my case).

Yes, I believe this is very recent.

> Now I can't get DrScheme (or DrScheme3m) to run consistently.

Once it's installed, there shouldn't be any problem.

> Since I don't have an uninstaller anymore, is it safe to just delete
> the directory

Yes.  You'll only have a few registry keys around...

> and drop back to 305 that way?

...which a new installation will just overwrite.

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