[plt-scheme] programming for the web in scheme

From: vlado (vlado at dikini.net)
Date: Thu Feb 9 08:45:50 EST 2006

I suppose I should start with "I'm an absolute beginner with scheme", so
be harsh with me, please :)

I started playing with plt scheme because I grew very frustrated with
going to incredible lengths to twist the arms of other languages to be
able to program lazily, that is I want the computer to do the thinking
more than me. Having said that, I quite like a lot of the ideas I've
learnt or developed over the years and I would love to continue to use

Things what attract me to scheme - the mini languages approach to
programming is probably the most important, first class functions and
call/cc and friends close second.

I've been playing a little with the web-server but have the problem that
I need to often guesstimate or dive into code reading to find what is
going on behind the scenes. It would be fine if I was more fluent with
the language, but I'm not.

I would be happy to help document it better and expand the functionality
if I can get some help to get me started.

I suppose I'm asking where should I begin ;)


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