[plt-scheme] PLT Source Browser

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 3 20:25:16 EST 2006

I've put together a first cut at building the module pictures. You'll
need the latest svn version of DrScheme to run the attached script, but
you can look at the pictures here:


I generated the files using module-graph-dot.ss and dot (in the
graphviz package available via fink for mac os x and also available
under linux somehow, I'm sure).

  ./module-graph-dot.ss ~/svn/plt/collects/mzlib/etc.ss > etc.dot
  dot -Tps etc.dot > etc.ps
  epstopdf etc.ps

It doesn't seem to work well for the very large files, however, since
the graphs get kind of klunky (many more edges than nodes). The "-n"
flag helps a little (it avoid following `lib' paths) but it isn't
enough for the big files. To see, try framework.ss.

Anyways, I hope someone else can take it from here.


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