[plt-scheme] awkwardness in automarking

From: Robby Findler (robby.findler at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 21 11:00:07 EST 2006

I think you have to use the same language level that the students use.
Why is that not an option? (Also, with the same teachpacks).


On 12/21/06, Prabhakar Ragde <plragde at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> My TAs, who run scripted automarking tests on submitted student code,
> report that students using early HtDP language levels (say, Beginner)
> occasionally use identifiers, such as "time", that have meaning in
> higher language levels. The TAs were running their tests in Advanced by
> using "load" (I think -- I haven't looked at what they're doing in
> detail) and the student code was failing because of redefining "time",
> whereas it would have run in Beginner. I suggested going to Pretty Big,
> but the syntax of define-struct is different, and tests again seem to
> break. Is there an elegant solution to this? Thanks. --PR
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