[plt-scheme] switching between MzScheme versions

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Wed Aug 16 03:10:46 EDT 2006

Thanks for your advices. Multiple installs work fine, even simultaneously.
I think I saw a warning against multiple installs may be a year ago and 
since then abided by it.
Today I did not encounter the warning, so I dont think there is no fix to be 
Thanks, Jos Koot

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> On Aug 16, Matthew Flatt wrote:
>> At Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:17:49 +0200, "Jos Koot" wrote:
>> > I frequently download the most recent version of the SVN
>> > repository trunk.  In some cases it would be nice to switch
>> > quickly from one version to another one, particularly in case a
>> > newer version makes my programs produce other results.
>> You can install any number of versions at the same time, whether
>> they're normal releases or nightly builds --- as long as you don't
>> install them to the same directory, obviously.
>> The only collision is that the latest install is the one you get
>> when you double-click ".scm" files.
> Actually there's more -- there are several registry keys that are in
> charge of binding file suffixes (.ss, .scm, .plt), and there are other
> keys that contain information regarding how to uninstall.  But the
> nightly builds are special in that they're put in a place that does
> not conflict with a stable release installation.
> The bottom line is that if you want to use nightly builds and a stable
> release on the same machine, then everything should be fine.  If you
> want several different stable releases, then install them in
> chronological order, to different directories, and to uninstall any
> version except for the last one, simply remove the directory.
> Of course you will need to find some way to start them up -- either
> different startup-menu entries, or hack some script.
>> > However, it is clearly adviced not to install more than one
>> > version of MzScheme at the same time.
>> Sounds like we should fix the advice. Can you tell me what you see?
> And where you see it?
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