[plt-scheme] Installing pregexp

From: John Sampson (kn9dxba02 at sneakemail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 22 16:32:16 EST 2005

Hello -

I am trying to install Dorai Sitaram's pregexp in Windows XP (with Service Pack 2).

The instructions say 'start Scheme in the Pregexp directory' so I copied 
Mzscheme.exe to the pregexp directory and ran scmxlate.scm. It asked for the dialect so I replied 'plt'. It then said it could not find 
'C://documents and Settings//User//application data//PLT Scheme//209//collects//mzlib' or something very similar.

This is not surprising as installing PLT Scheme does not produce this directory.
What can I alter so that scmxlate looks in the right place?

I thought I would ask Dorai Sitaram himself, but the email address in his
website is defunct.


John Sampson

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