[plt-scheme] More on tabs

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 12 09:57:44 EST 2005

When I saw the tabs it gave me the idea of writing a really lame
project manager, the idea is to have all the files that are related to
one data structure in tabs and then just one window per data
structure.  I was wanting to do this by putting at the top of each
file something like:

;;;;;file server.protocal.bnf.scm

(if {equal? interpeter `drscheme}
    (let ((self {find self}))
        {add-tab self "server.protocal.tests.scm"}
        {add-tab self "server.protocal.actual.code.scm"}))

however, turning this into real code seems like a much bigger search
for me then i thought.  Can anyone tip me off how to add a tab, and
how to find self... wait a sec, is self findable? since the code is
just loaded in the window, and not actually run.  I'd need to make a
special project manager app which i would load and run first, and it
would make a new window and load all 3 files in tabs.

I wasn't looking for a massive project here, but if there's something
that could be done in a hour (by me, who has no knowledge of the
editor internals) it'd be cool.


P.S.  when I click on most of my help results, it gives me:

The file you were looking for was not found on the Help Desk server.

Help Desk home 

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I used to get a message that said "click here to see it on the plt-web
site", then would put me at the begining page of the plt-docs.  I'm
sure i just need to download and install some docs (like "PLT MrEd:
Graphical Toolbox Manual"), but what i'm saying is that this might not
be obvious to everyone.  Is it practical to make those get
auto-installed via planet when you click on them or something?

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