[plt-scheme] Science Collection

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Mon Oct 4 10:21:24 EDT 2004


I assume that as long as I use relative paths within my requires that it
will work in PLaneT. Correct?

Also, I need to change my documentation from the lib format in the user
calls to require to use the planet form.  Is there anything else I need to
know from a documentation perspective?

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Williams, M. Douglas wrote:

> I am currently developing a numerical computing package in PLT Scheme 
> to support my knowledge-based simulation work. I am almost ready to 
> release it and have a few questions of the PLT Scheme community at large.
> 1. My current plans are to distribute it using PLaneT. Is this the 
> appropriate distribution medium?
Yes. :)

> ...
> 5. The code is essentially complete - just some minor clean-up needed, 
> but has not been made into a .plt file. I could zip it (it happens to 
> be resident on a Windows box at the moment) and one could manually 
> install it, if anyone really wants to see the code.
Note that you can use the function `make-planet-archive' in (lib 
"util.ss" "planet") to make a PLaneT-compatible .plt file really easily 
(you just have to tell it the directory your collection is in and it 
does the rest).


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