[plt-scheme] accessing SXML->HTML in the latest version of sxml-tools for plt-scheme

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Mon May 24 06:15:28 EDT 2004

--- Terrence Brannon <metaperl at urth.org> wrote:

> I cannot figure out how to get this distribution to
> emit HTML:

> Welcome to MzScheme version 206, Copyright (c) 2004
> PLT Scheme, Inc.
>  > (require (lib "sxml-to-markup.ss" "sxml"))
> reference to undefined identifier: sxml->html

I suspect you've run into a case sensitivity problem. 
Try enabling case sensitivity and see what happens.  

(Using identifiers with uppercase characters in them
is very evil...don't do this kids!)

Noel, hoping not to start a flame war

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