[plt-scheme] PLT Scheme 207 available

From: Paulo Matos (pocm at netvisao.pt)
Date: Wed May 19 05:14:01 EDT 2004

> > This version adds new collections, while work is going on for v300:
> > 
> > * PLoT is a new collection that provides an interface for drawing
> >   plots.  There is a basic interface for common plot types, as well as
> >   an advanced one for creating custom types.  See the relevant
> >   help-desk manual for details.
> Hurrah! This works beautifully. Expect too see "calculator repl"
> from me shortly. The easy stuff like root finding and minimum finding
> is done. The hard part: printing a fixed number of digits after the
> decimal point is pending.

Nice, I'm creating a Computer Algebra System for learning Mathematics,
something more like Wolfram Calculus Wiz than Mathematica. I've already
done a lot of low level functions for dealing with numbers. It's being
developed with Swindle. It'll sure be nice to work with PLoT. It'll help
a lot!!!!

Jens, if you get to implement nice function plotting and root finding,
minimum finding algorithms, I'll ask them from you soon, if you don't
mind me to use them.

Cheers, and HURRAY for PLT,
They surely deserve Congratulations,

Paulo Matos

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