[plt-scheme] embedding MzScheme with Carbon ?

From: Chris Perkins (cperkins at medialab.com)
Date: Fri Jan 30 15:31:08 EST 2004


Actually, that is what you cannot do with Carbon.  A Carbon project cannot link with the .a files that gcc produces.  Any library files intended for Carbon must work with the code fragment manager, and gcc only produces Mach-O files.

But, I took the v103 GC and MzScheme CodeWarrior projects and built them with the Carbon linker pretty handily.  Only a few small changes (turning off TCP, etc.), but nothing substantial.   

So I suspect that either a. there is some additional step needed to embed under Carbon, or b. that the OS 9 settings for the garbage collecter are not viable under Carbon.   I've experimented with many different settings for the GC, but no luck.

I'm investigating my options.  Unless some research turns something up, my first step will be to go back and build a Carbon version of the MzScheme standalone (not embedded), and see if that works.  



At 12:14 PM 1/30/2004, John Clements wrote:
>Your situation sounds promising. This should be possible
>The next question is whether there's any problem linking non-carbon libraries with Carbon apps, and I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  I would strongly suggest using the libraries as built by the included build scripts (make + gcc).  In particular, I would follow the instructions in the Inside PLT MzScheme manual for UNIX platforms; once you've compiled libmzscheme.a and libgc.a, you can specify them as libraries to be linked into your codewarrior project.
>In the long term, this two-compiler build process would be unpleasant, but if you got something working with the setup, you could try moving to an all-codewarrior build.
>john clements

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