[plt-scheme] embedding MzScheme with Carbon ?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Fri Jan 30 15:14:03 EST 2004

On Jan 30, 2004, at 2:01 PM, Chris Perkins wrote:

> John,
> Thanks for the encouragement. While tied to Carbon, my app only has to 
> run under OS X.
>  I tried embedding both the v103 and v206 version of mzScheme, but no 
> luck. It compiles and links, but crashes.
> I was able to embed it easily on Windows into a little test 
> application and am just attempting to port this test to the Mac, but 
> without any luck.
> Between v103 and v206 I have to think that my mzScheme and GC 
> libraries are correct, perhaps the problem lies with how it is 
> embedded.  I've followed the instructions from the documentation, and 
> discovered other hints through web searches of this mailing list.
> But do you, or anyone, perhaps have specific advice embedding for 
> MzScheme on the Mac?
> Thanks,
> Chris Perkins

Your situation sounds promising. This should be possible

The next question is whether there's any problem linking non-carbon 
libraries with Carbon apps, and I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  I 
would strongly suggest using the libraries as built by the included 
build scripts (make + gcc).  In particular, I would follow the 
instructions in the Inside PLT MzScheme manual for UNIX platforms; once 
you've compiled libmzscheme.a and libgc.a, you can specify them as 
libraries to be linked into your codewarrior project.

In the long term, this two-compiler build process would be unpleasant, 
but if you got something working with the setup, you could try moving 
to an all-codewarrior build.

john clements

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