[plt-scheme] Re: Visual Studio .NET ...easier than PLT Scheme

From: Brent Fulgham (bfulg at pacbell.net)
Date: Thu Jan 29 16:16:20 EST 2004

> Alex> As for Cross-Platform (somewhat 
> toungue-in-cheek) I ask "what exactly
> Alex> does that mean? I assume that it *should* mean
> that it runs on *most*
> Alex> computers. Since 93% of desktops are now
> Windows (and 50% of servers)
> Alex> then running only on Windows meets the "most"
> test? In the part of the
> Alex> enterprise systems world that I play in, it is
> all Windows, so
> Alex> actually that is all I care about.
> Sure, that makes sense.  Note that it doesn't make
> sense for
> application domains where the software actually does
> need to run on
> something other than Windows.

An excellent point.  For example, my company is
deploying a large application based on C#/.NET, and I
agree that the Visual Studio environment is fairly
nice to work in.

However, our database runs on RISC/6000 machines,
which don't run C#/.NET.  Even though the bulk of our
users run the C#/.NET front-end, we have to spend
extra effort recoding logic in C++ because of this
poor decision.  Sure, we have consistent business
logic on 90% of our machines, but the server (the
keystone of the whole thing) is not Windows (and
probably won't ever be).

So, I guess it depends on which 90% you are most
concerned with!  :-)


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