[plt-scheme] Scheme Literature

From: Mark Wilson (mwilson13 at cox.net)
Date: Mon Jan 5 00:08:30 EST 2004

On Jan 4, 2004, at 6:54 PM, Ricardo Massamitsu Nonomura wrote:

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> I'm new to the list and to Scheme...
> I'm considering to buy some literature on Scheme, at the university and
> at home I use DrScheme, as there is no book on Scheme book available at
> the University's Library...
> Could you recommend a good reference book, for someone in the First
> Semester, whose only programming experience is with Visual Basic for
> Applications, i.e. I never wrote a complex program.
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In addition to the other books, I also recommend Simply Scheme, 
particularly as a first book. I am working through this book now, and 
wish I had started with it, because it is very clear at explaining some 
things that took much longer to sink in while studying other books. 
Simply Scheme is available as an online library book through netlibrary 
(which many public libraries offer to cardholders).


Mark Wilson

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