[plt-scheme] Scheme Literature

From: Ricardo Massamitsu Nonomura (nonomura at moimeichego.de)
Date: Sun Jan 4 18:54:00 EST 2004

Hi All,

I'm new to the list and to Scheme...

I'm considering to buy some literature on Scheme, at the university and
at home I use DrScheme, as there is no book on Scheme book available at
the University's Library...
Could you recommend a good reference book, for someone in the First
Semester, whose only programming experience is with Visual Basic for
Applications, i.e. I never wrote a complex program.

I was considering The Scheme Programming Language, 3rd Edition from R
Kent Dybvig, as it's the newer Scheme book listed on Amazon, and not
that expensive...

Is this book good, or do you have other books that would be more useful
for a beginner??


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