[plt-scheme] setup-extension.ss question

From: Zhu Chongkai (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Mon Dec 20 03:03:19 EST 2004

Hello plt-scheme,

I intended to use the (lib "setup-extension.ss" "make") to
compile and link a C file via Setup PLT's "pre-install" phase
but fails.

If build by hand, the command is:

mzc --cc ml.c

mzc --ld ml.so ml.o /usr/lib/libML.a


mzc --ld ml.dll ml.obj ml32i2m.lib
(MSVC can find "ml32i2m.lib")

Now I write the following code but it can't work:

(module installer mzscheme
  (require (lib "setup-extension.ss" "make"))
  (provide pre-installer)
  (define (pre-installer directory-path)
    (pre-install (find-system-path 'home-dir)

Under Linux, the (error 'extension-installer
"can't find needed include files and/or library;
try setting the environment variable PLT_EXTENSION_LIB_PATHS")
was raised.

Under Windows, the procedure returns with no error but no dll
file was made.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Zhu Chongkai

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