[plt-scheme] Will the stepper support more language levels?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Apr 19 11:29:54 EDT 2004

On Apr 19, 2004, at 6:39 AM, Zhu Chongkai wrote:

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> These days I am program in DrScheme and find that debugging is not so 
> easy.
> The "Check Syntax" didn't do many. The "coming soon" MrFlow is still a 
> static
> debugger which I don't think can always understand the algorithm in 
> the program
> to be debugged.
> Obviously stepper can help debugging greatly, but many programms are 
> not in
> Beginers. Although higher levels are not algebraic, but other 
> non-algebraic
> languages such as C or even the MIT scheme support things like stepper.
> So will future DrScheme stepper support more language levels? Or the 
> stepper
> of a non-algebraic language just contravene PLT's philosophy?

The notion of a stepper for a language other than beginner certainly 
does not contravene the PLT philosophy.  The stepper supports 
intermediate with lambda now, and may support 'advanced' in the future. 
  However, I think what you really want is not the stepper but rather a 
debugger.  There is a pre-larval debugger in the works here, but it is 
currently starved for (my) development time.

In the short term, your best bet is probably errortrace, which you're 
probably already familiar with.  It provides source locations for a 
"stack-trace"-like display of the continuation at the time an error 
occurs.  It's enabled by default in the "pretty big" language, and the 
trace may be seen by clicking on the "bug" icon next to the error 
message.  You can enable errortrace in mzscheme by requiring the 
errortrace library before loading/compiling the code you're interested 
in. For more information, search for "errortrace" in Help Desk.


john clements

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