[plt-scheme] MrEd: disabling panel breaks strings

From: Ed Cavazos (proteus at theworld.com)
Date: Tue May 20 02:52:33 EDT 2003


What version of DrScheme do you have? What platform are you on? Also,
can you provide a small snippet of code which produces the problem on
your system? For example, does the problem occur when you evaluate the
code below? The strings in the button and message do not get truncated
on my system, but perhaps I misinterpreted the problem.



(define *frame* (make-object frame% "foo" #f 300 300))
(define *panel* (make-object panel% *frame*))
(define *pane*  (make-object vertical-pane% *panel*))

(send *frame* show #t)

(define *button*  (make-object button%  "stringage" *pane* void))
(define *message* (make-object message% "textage"   *pane*))

(send *panel* enable #f)


"Michael Burschik" <Burschik at lotto-berlin.de> writes:

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> When I disable a panel, the text strings contained in the panel are
> truncated, although the panel itself is not resized. Moreover, the strings
> are not cleanly truncated at a character boundary, but seem to be partially
> overwritten with background pixels. Is this a known problem? Is there a
> workaround available? Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Michael Burschik

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