[plt-scheme] draw-text and platform

From: Vincent Hourdin (vinvinhc16 at ifrance.com)
Date: Sat May 3 07:50:50 EDT 2003

> Maybe your RH installation uses 100dpi fonts while the others use
> 75dpi?
> When you say "Mac OS X", do you mean when running and X server on Mac
> OS X, or when running in native Quartz mode? (If the latter, I'm
> surprised that you managed similar results for both X and Quartz.)
> Matthew

I mean running native quartz mode; I get approximatively same results, with 
offsets of an average of  pixels.

So is there a way to display some text in boxes, usable and same look like 
from different platforms ? I mean that text must fit in boxes, not to exceed 
their dimensions or not to overflow on the box's pen.

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