[plt-scheme] Slib woes with rpm version of Dr Scheme

From: Robert (rjyoung at scs.carleton.ca)
Date: Wed Mar 5 00:24:24 EST 2003

Hi there,

I've just been getting into scheme development on my linux machine.  I 
installed a RPM version of Dr Scheme (drscheme-202-1mdk.i586.rpm) which 
installed fine and has been working great, except for my endevours with 
SLIB.  I've been trying to use a few of the simple directory functions 
with SLIB for a small project of mine.   I've installed the slib rpm 
from the slib website (slib-2d5-1.noarch.rpm).  However, I then realized 
that the $SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH was not defined from either rpm installs. 
 I've fooled around with it a great deal, setting the environment 
variable to different values, but I have not been able to figure out 
exactly what was intented for properly using the released version of 
SLIB with DrScheme.  

I have been able to use the initializtion file DrScheme.init provided in 
the slib library, which seems to load the library.  After loading this 
file I can use some of the library functions, such as the string and 
hashmap functions.  When trying to use the (current-directory) function 
however, it says the function system is not defined.

Any hints, suggestions on get around these problems would be greatly 

Robert Young

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