[plt-scheme] availability of RPM for RH 8.0 and DrScheme 203

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 4 11:54:55 EST 2003

> Meanwhile, however, I don't understand why we can't put contributed
> packages on the download page. How much effort is it to upload a
> package and patch the web page?

The effort is not the issue.  I worry that people will run into the
problems we've seen if the contributed RPM doesn't match their version
of Linux.  So the question is, do we want to offer an RPM that will make
some people happy, but confuse others?

> That's not the right place. We'd just ending sending lots of e-mail to
> tell people where the RPMs are hidden.

I agree with that.

Maybe the right thing is to have a special "RPM contrib page" separate
from (and with a direct link from) the main download pages, where we can
offer RPMs "as is".

-- Paul

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