[plt-scheme] trouble building drscheme on irix

From: TiM (salo at zooid.org)
Date: Mon Dec 1 10:29:31 EST 2003

John Clements wrote:

> It looks like the build of mzscheme succeeded.  If you don't need mred 
> etc., you should be ready for the next step, which for you will be 
> 'make mzinstall', IIRC.  I furthermore conjecture that in the first 
> step, 'make mz' would have compiled mzscheme without even trying to 
> compile mred.

you are correct, and i now appear to have compiled and installed 
mzscheme. however, when i try to use it:

Welcome to MzScheme version 205, Copyright (c) 1995-2003 PLT
 > (load "application.scm")
reference to undefined identifier: wxme0105

isn't wx related to the graphics libs? my application is in pure scheme 
with a few mzscheme library calls. nothing graphical.

any further help much appreciated ...


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