[plt-scheme] best practices for directory structures

From: David A. Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 17 10:54:04 EDT 2003


I'm writing a program that has enough modules at this point that I'd like
to organize the directory structure a bit. I wonder what the best
practices are for doing this? I don't like the idea of having a lot of
path navigations like (require "../other-subdir/module-x.ss"). It looks
like the appropriate notion here is a collection, so instead I'd load it
like this: (require "other-subdir/module-x.ss" "my-collection"). In order
to do *that*, though, I have to move my program into the collects
subdirectory or change the current-library-collection-paths parameter.
Which, I imagine, can probably be modified in a preference or start-up
file or some such to include a new directory containing my projects. But
all this is getting rather involved for what should probably be a
relatively simple process of reorganization.

Are there common best practices for how to organize a Scheme project when
it starts to get large enough that you can't hold in your head at once
what all your files do?

Dave Herman
dherman at ccs.neu.edu

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