[plt-scheme] another application for plt scheme + database question

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Apr 15 12:14:35 EDT 2003

--- "Neil W. Van Dyke" <neil at neilvandyke.org> wrote:
> Also, a question... Can someone familiar with all of
> "spgsql",
> SrPersist, and SchemeQL comment on their relative
> apropriateness for my
> application? 

In lieu of such a person I'll offer up my half-baked
thoughts.  I think spgsql will be easier to setup but
I imagine SchemeQL will help a lot when traversing
complicated graphs.  I'm not sure about CLOB/BLOB
support in either.  Perhaps the authors could comment?

We do plan to implement to a common db access layer,
which SchemeQL would exist on top of.  In this case
you wouldn't have to make a choice.  We're currently
stalled due to lack of time.  If anyone is interested
in pushing this further they should bring it up on the
schematics mailing list.  Our current draft is in CVS
at src/libs/db/

> > If you happen to hear of other people working on
> this, I'd be curious.
> > Perhaps there's some potential collaboration,
> especially on the grunt work.

I'm sure you're aware of the agent work in this area. 
Both myself and Bruce Butterfield and interested in
web testing frameworks so we may be able to help out
with the "grunt work".  Again, the schematics list is
probably the best place to discuss this.  Time is, as
always, a problem.


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