[plt-scheme] Mouse and Canvas Object

From: Katsmall the Wise (kela_bit at netvision.net.il)
Date: Sun Apr 13 03:23:54 EDT 2003

You should use
(define my-canvas%
  (class canvas%
    (define/override (on-event e)
      ; here you should check what event-type e is, what the buttons 
are, and such...

e is of type mouse-event%.
Look for it n the Help Desk.
Good luck!

Katsmall the Wise

The Computer Man wrote:

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>I have a problem with the management of the mouse into object, I would like
>to know if there is a documentation, or if somebody could explain me the
>operation of the mouse into object, how it is known that there were a
>Thank you by advance for your answers

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