[racket-dev] Bug in the documentation or the implementation

From: Antonio Menezes Leitao (antonio.menezes.leitao at ist.utl.pt)
Date: Mon Mar 19 07:00:01 EDT 2012


Was there any progress regarding this problem?
It seems that the bug is still present in the current
(5.2.1) version.

Best regards,

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Antonio Menezes Leitao
<antonio.menezes.leitao at ist.utl.pt> wrote:
> Hi,
> The example provided in section 3.3.9 of the documentation
> "Dr Racket: The Racket Programming Environment" doesn't
> work in Racket version 2.1.3.  It reports the error:
> Error when installing the keybindings
> C:\Users\aml\Desktop\racket-keybinding.rkt:
> link: reference (phase 0) to a variable in module "C:\Program
> Files\Racket\collects\drracket\tool-lib.rkt" that is uninitialized
> (phase level 0); reference appears in module:
> "C:\Users\aml\Desktop\racket-keybinding.rkt" in:
> drracket:unit:definitions-text<%>
> Best,
> António.

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