[racket-dev] [PATCH] STARTTLS and TLS support in net/imap

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Mar 10 12:59:40 EST 2012


I've adjusted your patch to add `#:tls?' (defaults to #f) and
`#:try-tls?' (defaults to #t) arguments to `imap-connect' and

You can check my changes here, to help make sure that I didn't mangle


At Sat, 03 Mar 2012 20:20:48 +0000, Thomas Spurden wrote:
> I've just started learning Racket and as a first task wanted to scape my 
> IMAP mail boxes.  One of my accounts requires STARTTLS and the other 
> (gmail) requires a connection over SSL.  I wrote a simple modification 
> to net/imap so it automatically switches to TLS if the server 
> capabilities include STARTTLS, and provides a new function 
> imap-connect-tls to connect via TLS.  It seems to work fine on my two 
> IMAP accounts.
> I'm not very happy with the has-starttls? function, but am not sure how 
> to avoid the set!.
> I'm not sure whether it is better to create a new imap 'object' using 
> make-imap after switching to TLS (which is what I've done) or to modify 
> the existing 'object' (which doesn't seem very functionaly).
> The patch is against Racket 5.2.1.
> (Please keep me CC'ed as I'm not subscribed to the list)
> -- 
> Thomas Spurden
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