[racket-dev] [PATCH] STARTTLS and TLS support in net/imap

From: Thomas Spurden (thomas at spurden.name)
Date: Sat Mar 3 15:20:48 EST 2012

I've just started learning Racket and as a first task wanted to scape my 
IMAP mail boxes.  One of my accounts requires STARTTLS and the other 
(gmail) requires a connection over SSL.  I wrote a simple modification 
to net/imap so it automatically switches to TLS if the server 
capabilities include STARTTLS, and provides a new function 
imap-connect-tls to connect via TLS.  It seems to work fine on my two 
IMAP accounts.

I'm not very happy with the has-starttls? function, but am not sure how 
to avoid the set!.

I'm not sure whether it is better to create a new imap 'object' using 
make-imap after switching to TLS (which is what I've done) or to modify 
the existing 'object' (which doesn't seem very functionaly).

The patch is against Racket 5.2.1.

(Please keep me CC'ed as I'm not subscribed to the list)

Thomas Spurden
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