[racket-dev] drracket and rectangles

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jan 3 17:54:51 EST 2011

A few things for which I switch to Emacs, even when using DrRacket:

* M-q to re-flow Racket comments that span multiple lines, to fill to 
some margin (like 79 or 80 columns).  Note that Emacs has fancy 
"adaptive-fill", but something simple and Racket-comment-specific would 
be fine.

* M-x quack-tidy RET to reindent all lines and tidy up extraneous 
whitespace.  Using the pretty-printer, DrRacket could go a step further, 
to line-breaking.

* Keyboard macros.  These can get pretty powerful.  Matthias's 
argument-reordering would be a simple example, and even for that, 
keyboard macros using sexp movement operations would be more robust than 
rectangle kill&yank.

* Working with (editing, viewing, or doing keyboard macros with) more 
than 2 or 3 files at once.

* Doing version control operations.

* Editing non-Racket/Scheme text files.

The first two have been on my mental list to add to DrRacket someday.  
But if any students are bored over winter break... :)


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