[racket-dev] drracket and rectangles

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 3 17:34:37 EST 2011

I decided to report on the few occasions when I switch from DrRacket to Emacs to accomplish something Racket-related. 

Just now I changed 

  (connect* S  round-n  round-n-ne  round-ne)
  (connect* SW round-ne round-ne-se round-se)
  (connect* NW round-se round-se-s  round-s)
  (connect* N  round-s  round-s-sw  round-sw)
  (connect* NE round-sw round-sw-nw round-nw)
  (connect* SE round-nw round-nw-n  round-n)


  (connect* round-n  round-n-ne  round-ne S )
  (connect* round-ne round-ne-se round-se SW)
  (connect* round-se round-se-s  round-s  NW)
  (connect* round-s  round-s-sw  round-sw N )
  (connect* round-sw round-sw-nw round-nw NE)
  (connect* round-nw round-nw-n  round-n  SE)

I switched to Emacs because I get rectangle operations (and the only other thing I had to do is move to parens). 

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