[racket-dev] drRacket Close/Close tab

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Aug 31 14:11:04 EDT 2011

6 hours ago, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt wrote:
> The other three applications (Pidgin, Epiphany, Gedit) all follow
> the behavior described in the HIG: there is only a Close menu entry
> (no Close Tab), it closes the current tab, and its shortcut is
> Ctrl-w.
> I think we should follow the platform guidelines here as well, and
> do the same.

I prefer that the above (a single "Close" entry that closes the
current tab or the current window) be used everywhere, including on

1. It's as important as the Run button, which already steps over the
   well-used `C-t', which is *so* confusing[*] that not having two
   distinct menu entries for close/close-all seems extremely minor in

2. Ever since tabs became common practice, I don't think that I ever
   encountered any need for a specific "close all" functionality.  The
   way to close a *window* (that is, A-f4 on Windows and most linux
   WMs) is perfectly fine for that.

[*] Confusing enough that I keep tripping over it in class, hitting
C-t a few times and realize the mistake.  It's even worse in making me
use C-= in my browser later in an attempt to create a new tab.  This
is a mess that I think is better to address than keeping C-t for
backward compatibility.

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