[racket-dev] Can't use 5.1.2 and later

From: Doug Williams (m.douglas.williams at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 28 15:18:36 EDT 2011

I reported a problem a few weeks back that keeps me from using 5.1.2 (and
now 5.1.3). Matthew believes it is due to an optimizer bug with boxes.
Fortunately, 5.1.1 works, but we're stuck there. I tried the latest nightly
build this morning and the error is still there. [That was mainly just a
friendly nudge to Matthew.]

Anyway, the real reason for this e-mail is that the latest nightly build
(which was plt- gave me another problem. When I
downloaded the science collection from PLaneT using the latest nightly
build, it gave me errors about expecting a module for some files. There are
indeed some rkt files that are included - using include - that are not
modules. But, they are in the compile-omit-files in the info.rkt file. Is
this being deprecated in some way?

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