[racket-dev] my '312' this semester, how we compare to others

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 21 18:31:15 EDT 2011

Two points worth noting: 

1. Robby pointed out that I forgot to compile my code when I ran the script. That was a critical omission on my side and it eliminates point -A- from my list of negative observations. 

2. I forgot to mention the most amazing aspect of my final test run with the students. For their final, we ran their server and my clients. In addition to regular clients, I had nasty ones and bad ones. I wrote one nasty one especially for the C++ project. This client would send the following kind of XML to the server to initiate the dialog: 

  <register name="
  ... 1,000,000 newlines ...
  some regular chars
  ... 1,000,000 more newlines ...
  " />

As you can see, it's regular XML but a lot of work. The amazing point: 

 -- the C++ project is the ONLY one (other than my own server) that 'survives' this message. 
	(It fails to truncate the name and thus generates too much network traffic in the end. 
	On occasion it may fail for this reason. To be precise, it times out.) 

 -- ALL other projects (Java, Python) failed on this one. The Java and Python libraries are 
	so clumsy that the programmers naturally make mistakes (five different mistakes in 
	six temas). 

For full disclosure, the C++ hacker is a systems PhD student (uncommon for this course) and is a Google Chrome part-time developer. 

-- Matthias

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