[racket-dev] moving collection, broken check syntax

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Tue Oct 5 16:50:14 EDT 2010

I just moved a collection out of my collects directory, and clicking the "check syntax" button produces this internal error:

procedure application: expected procedure, given: #f; arguments were: 'scribblings

 === context ===
/Users/clements/plt/collects/setup/xref.rkt:14:2: for-loop
/Users/clements/plt/collects/setup/xref.rkt:13:0: get-dests
/Users/clements/plt/collects/setup/xref.rkt:43:0: load-collections-xref
/Users/clements/plt/collects/racket/private/more-scheme.rkt:274:2: call-with-exception-handler

... I'm not going to bother submitting this as a bug report because I think I can probably work around it by deleting 'compiled' subdirectories. Ignore this unless it's an easy fix, and tell me if you'd like me to try to reproduce it.

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