[racket-dev] Racket runs on 64-bit ubuntu, right?

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 5 14:13:39 EDT 2010

At Tue, 5 Oct 2010 10:26:04 -0700, John Clements wrote:
> I have a student who hasn't succeeded in running compiled-from-source DrRacket 
> on 64-bit ubuntu.  Specifically, he claims it dumps core with
> SIGSEGV MAPERR si_code 1 fault on addr 0x4
> Aborted
> on startup.

I think this is a font issue. It has been reported a few times, but I
haven't replicated the problem.

I keep hoping that the problem will just go away with GRacket2 --- but
GRacket isn't yet ready, of course.

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