[racket-dev] A game using scheme !

From: Toutsurla TI-84 (toutsurlati84 at live.fr)
Date: Tue Nov 30 12:06:40 EST 2010


I'm a french student, and I'd like to create a game, using scheme : a race for 2 players (computer or real person).

What i've got to do is to creat a grid, where there is a start line, a 
finish line and, between them, a random number of lines...

In this grid, we have "walls", as in crosswords I think ;) Well, they are cases you can't go in with your car.

Also, we have "checkpoints", for each player. The thing is that they 
have to drive on each checkpoint and then go to the finish line to win. 
The checkpoints are, of course, different for player 1 and player 2...

For example, you've got a grid 10x20. There are approx. 36 walls and 8+8 checkpoints.

So, I was wondering if you could help me realising this, cause it would 
be great to show to people that scheme is not only a 
basic-programming-language but a complete language with which you can do
 amazing things :D

If you accept, just tell me ! :)

And, if you want to know what I already did, ask me too (cause it's a 
little bit long, so I thought you would be bored too quickly if I had 
put it here lol)

Thanks for reading !

MALHORE Patricia
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