[plt-dev] Release Announcement for v4.2.2

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Sep 28 16:02:27 EDT 2009

The list of possible release announcement items that I have collected
is below.  Please mail me new items and/or full items, or tell me if
something is irrelevant.  (In any case, please indicate which part of
these items it applies to.)

* profj (and related: `profjWizard', `htdc') gone,
  profj will appear in planet instead

* test-engine changes
    - Change to behavior in interactions window. Option 1
    - Turning off the nag

* scribble reorganization

* drscheme
    - moved the warning into the frame (out of the interactions
      - added a close icon to the yellow warning message
    - syntax coloring for at-exp
    - automatic compilation in the module language
      - drscheme now saves its compiled files in its own directory
      - automatic compilation in drscheme now avoids the installed
        planet files
    - improved responsiveness of interactive searching
    - changed the default for fixing up parentheses
    - new coloring of set!'d variables
    - added phase information to the module browser

* New stuff in `syntax/parse'
  Also `syntax/keyword'?
  `stxclass' collection gone

* Printout of syntax objects (and `print-syntax-width')

* new core function `file-or-directory-identity'

* new `scheme/generator' library
  - make generators use a parameterized yield function

* new `in-producer' iteration

* New `scheme/unsafe/ops' module

* htdp changes
  - added last-picture option to stop-when
  - added make-pair to beginner
  - added state display to world programs
  - re-directed image
  - run-simulation -> animate

* `slideshow/play'

* contracts:
  - exists contracts
  - added scheme/exists lang
  - define-struct/contract can handle sub-typing now
    - allow #:property keyword

* DeinProgramm/DMdA
  - Add QuickCheck-based property testing to the DeinProgramm/DMdA
  - contract stuff
  - a bunch of other things, which I assume is included in the text
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