[plt-dev] Re: check-expect bug

From: Michael Sperber (sperber at deinprogramm.de)
Date: Thu Sep 10 02:59:30 EDT 2009

Robby Findler <robby at eecs.northwestern.edu> writes:

> Looks like there were many hands at work in the function that is
> causing the trouble. Kathy, Eli, Mike, and John all worked on the
> function run-and-check (and now me). Some questions/comments:
> -- the call to exn? in that with handlers should probably be
> exn:fail?. The only difference here is probably that breaks will not
> be handled (when it is exn:fail?) which means that clicking the stop
> button won't make the code go into this handler, which seems like a
> good thing. I have committed this change.
> -- the "uncaught exn: #f" message seems to stem from the fact that the
> body of this function always calls (raise #f) when a test case fails.
> I have no idea why it does that, but I changed (raise exn) to (when
> exn (raise exn)). Someone who knows this code (if a single such a
> person exists) should probably check that over. This is what I did to
> fix PR 10438. I have also committed this change, but in a second
> commit.

I'll look into the remaining issue either this afternoon (i.e. in a few
hours) or tomorrow.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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