[racket] just a question of curiosity about thread

From: Yvan Godin (yvan.godin at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 20 07:14:14 EDT 2015


this is only for curiosity, and may be this is naive or stupid

If I well understand current Racket have both *Place* as a system thread
taking care of multi cores  and *Thread* as a kind of green threads for
concurrency but limited to one core (correct me if I mistake).

so questions are:
 Why aren't *Thread* distributed on a pool of *Place* like Erlang do for
it's own  *Process* (for scalability) ?
Is there a technical reason for that ?
Is it difficult to do ?
Are the Thread Mailboxes able to send/receive (immutable) messages across
Places ?

Thanks for your clarification
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